Galactic Interquest Grid Wooden Plaque Art By Manoah


This 7" wooden circle has been wood burned with a channeled grid from the Arcturians through Manoah Nova. This grid is a way to transmute illnesses caused by negativity in the form that you will find the easiest. This is a multi-dimensional grid that you can place crystals upon and use for meditations, galactic work, healings and more. It's a very powerful tool. Holding it or placing it upon your heart chakra, you will feel some of its intense healing and loving energies. If you're drawn to this, it may be because you also have a strong connection to galactic beings or you may need some multi-dimensional healing. Comes with a channeled psychic message card. Just the grid is $30, or if you'd like the crystals with the grid, its $60. Crystals are: Blue Obsidian, Blue Onyx, lemurian points, & fluorite tetrahedrons.