Gates of Awakening Magical Essence By Gavenia


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Awaken the many psychic senses and forms of intuition with this amazing essence. Deepen your level of meditation and spiritual understanding of the Higher Divine. With a mixture of magickal fragrances, charged pyramid water from Egypt, and a variety of crystals, this is an amazing potion to assist you on your spiritual & magickal journey. Channeled to Gavenia Divina by her guides. Comes in a variety of styles. Not for ingesting, or diffusing, and keep away from children & some people may be allergic or sensitive to ingredients, use at your own risk. 

Enhanced with pyramid water, vison oil, lotus oil, selenite, amethyst, quartz, full moon water, third eye oil, anise oil, lemurian quartz, and more. Use this amazing spray to help awaken your psychic abilities, especially when meditating or doing any form of divination or spiritual/magical workings. 

Magical Uses:

  • Wear or spray to help connect to your higher self & the higher Divine realms
  • Wear or spray when meditation or doing other spiritual/magical workings
  • Wear or use when doing any form of divination (pendulum dowsing, tarot, oracle, crystal ball, scrying mirror, or other similar tool)
  • Wear or spray before beginning a Reiki massage to help you connect more.