Genie Convergence Wooden Plaque Art By Manoah


This magical & colorful 7" wooden circle plaque has the essence and spirit of the elemental Genies. Channeled by Manoah Nova and comes with a psychic interpreted message card that reads: "Convergence with the inner depths of the soul of a genie through this magical mirror. Place over your heart to feel their immense love & understanding they have to give to you in this chaotic world we call home. This is a reminder to be soft to others in a more compassionate way as your energy may be coming off in a strong way that others may perceive differently." Acrylic color swirls range from golds, pinks, purple, green, blue, & white. Great to use as a divination scrying tool to help communicate with the Genies yourself, decor in your home, or elemental crystal grid.