Golden Healer Quartz Raw


These raw golden healer quartz stones are called the "Master Healer" of all crystals because of how powerful their spiritual healing abilities are for all types of healing. They each carry a unique magic. Golden Healer releases profound rejuvenating energy that balances the entire body system and simultaneously clears unwanted and toxic energies. It fills your auric field with golden healing light that balances your whole being, clears your energy field from negative, disturbing, and chaotic vibrations, and raises your vibrations significantly to be totally immersed in a blissful inner state of peace, joy, and harmony. It's great for manifesting your dreams, abundance, prosperity in all forms, and creativity, motivation, and self-confidence.  They are around palm sized, however sizes all vary. 

Basic Uses:

  • Hold while you meditate
  • Use in addition with Reiki, crystal grid healings, & more 
  • Carry with you to increase self-confidence & motivation
  • Use with manifestation rituals or spells