Dragon Hatchling


These handmade resin dragons are hatching out of an egg and are super cute. Made by Manoah Nova-Third Eye Creations. They each have their own unique personalities. They are flat on the back side so they do not stand on their own. Great for gluing them on craft items such as wreaths, boxes, journals, or other things. They can also be made into a magnet or key chain. Or you can simply place it on your altar for décor. Use it to represent your love and connection with the dragons. Colors and styles all vary. Price is per one dragon. There are 2 different sizes available. The medium dragon hatchling's are around 2 1/2" tall from top of horn to bottom of egg. The small dragon hatchling's are around 1" tall. Great for kids to have in their room as décor, hang them on a wall above a light switch or place on their altar. Price is per 1 dragon.