Heart Chakra Soy Blend Votive Candle


Dedicated to the Heart Chakra and specially created using a blend of geranium, and rose essential oils. This natural pure soy votive candle is great for use in meditation, chakra rebalancing, Reiki, relaxing to music or sitting in your sacred space. Thick glass seated votive with a burn time between 18 - 20 hours. 2 3/4" at widest Dia. x 2". Height 2 1/4" These soy blended heart chakra candles have an amazing and soothing scent to them to help open, stimulate the heart chakra. Great for healing work, Reiki, or any type of rituals and spells. 

Heart Chakra (Anahata) -- Devotion, love, compassion, loyalty, and understanding. White soy blend candle enriched with rose and geranium essential oils.