Jericho Flower ( Resurrection Flower)


These flowers have been know to bring abundance and peace to your household. They are called the resurrection flower because they have been known to stay dormant for a very long time but once you add water to it then it comes alive and turns into a beautiful green fern like plant. Once the water source is taken away it then goes dormant again until you put water back on it. Price is per 1 single plant. 

Basic Care Instructions: You should put your Jericho rose in a shallow dish or bowl with water. It doesn’t need a lot of water just enough to cover the roots of the plant. It doesn't need soil to revive itself. However, you can add gravel or pebbles to your dish or bowl but it isn’t required. You only need enough water to just cover the gravel or pebbles. It is best to use distilled water so contaminants and minerals are removed and don’t harm your plant. You can also use tap water, just make sure it sits overnight so some of the chemicals like chlorine can evaporate. Fill your dish with enough water so the roots of the rose of Jericho are touching it. Change the water daily. It is important to note that you should remove the plant from the water one day a week to prevent it from rotting and developing mold. Choose a day each week and set a reminder on your calendar or phone. And every month, your rose of Jericho needs a break from the water. Remove the Jericho flower entirely from the water for an entire week and let it completely dry out. This will improve its health long-term. I suggest misting it from time to time to keep the foliage looking green and healthy. It likes room temperature. While it is used to warm climates, you want to keep the temperature consistent. It doesn’t do well when there is an abrupt change in either hot or cold temperature. So keep it away from windows, air conditioners, vents, or heaters. It does best with indirect sunlight.