Lakamuir Crystal Skull Essence By Gavenia


This amazing essence was created by an ancient Mayan Crystal Skull who is of two worlds Lemurian and Pleiadian. Use this incredible essence to help heal, cleanse, charge, protect and communicate with water spirits, crystal skulls, & galactic beings. A mix of fragrances, charged pyramid water from Egypt, and enhanced with a variety of crystals.

A magickal potion to enhance spiritual workings/spells, or used in healing sessions. Not intended for ingestion or for people who are sensitive to fragrances, keep away from children, use at your own risk.  Made by Gavenia's Higher Realm's Alchemy. Comes with information card. Comes in a glass skull with cork or glass bottle sprays different sizes & prices. Enhanced with lemurian points, lapis lazuli, pyramid water, full moon water, angel oil, spirit guide oil, jasmine oil, healing oil, blessing oil, and more. 

Magical Uses:

  • Connect to crystal skulls
  • Magical work with galactic beings
  • Use when wanting to obtain healing or knowledge
  • Use to connect with your ancestors