Lover's Guide to Palmistry Book By Jon Saint-Germain


Would you like to learn if your new love interest is a natural caregiver, wants to have many children, possesses keen intuition, will be a good provider, has a strong sex drive, and more? With the art of palmistry, you will have a powerful extra edge in finding your ideal romantic and sexual partner. By analyzing all elements of a potential lovers hand, you can see if his or her personality, goals, and life outlook are compatible with your own: 

  • Recognize 6 elemental hand types and the corresponding personality traits for each
  • Divine a person's sense of logic, willpower, and passion by interpreting thumb's angle, shape, and flexibility
  • Gauge his or her personality and communication style with one glance at the palm shape and finger lengths
  • Discover a potential lover's sexual style to see if he or she will be a good match for you in the bedroom
  • Interpret the heart line, head line, and commitment line as they relate to longevity, health, communication style, and emotional expression.
Featuring over 150 clear illustrations and a hand profile compatibility guide, this book offers you a complete and detailed introduction to palm reading for lovers.