Majestic Rose of a Dragon (Resin)


This 10" x 6 3/4" dragon on a rose is majestic looking in every detail with it's body wrapped & intertwined with a beautiful rose. Handmade by Atrayus Earthly Creations who is one of our young coven members. Colors all vary and are chosen or created at random unless you message for custom order or buy at an event/show. This has a flat back, but can be hung on a wall with the right materials, or used in other crafts, or given as a gift. 

The dragon symbolizes power, change, and spirituality, and it also symbolizes good luck, fortune, and prosperity. In some cultures, the dragon is a protector and is often associated with royalty. The dragon spirit animal can also symbolize self-love and empowerment. Over the years, roses have come to symbolise some of our strongest feelings, such as love, passion and admiration. Whether you want to express love, friendship, or joy, there's a rose for every emotion and occasion.