Pinecone Wish Kit


These pinecone wish kits come with 1 real pinecone annointed with manifestation oil, 4 peices of parchment paper or similar, 1 small clear quartz, and 1 broom pen. You can write wishes down on the parchment paper and roll each one up to then stick it in the pine cone. After you write each of your wishes down on parchment paper and put them in the pinecone, you can then burn the entire pinecone in a fire proof pot or cauldron as you watch your wishes burn, the faster they burn the quicker they will come true. After you burn them, proceed to hold the clear quartz crystal and visualize them coming true as though they already have. Allow all of the papers and pine cone to burn, they you can bury what's left in your yard. A simple already put together kit for the new year.