Merlin's Alchemy Magical Essence By Gavenia


Created by Gavenia with the help of her guides. Merlin is an Ascended Master, but was also a well known wizard full of mystical arts and creations. Enhance your life with his miraculous magic by using this incredible essence. Embrace & awaken your inner magick with this amazing smelling essence.

Great for spraying or using on yourself before ritual or spell work, in areas of magical working/sacred space, also great for magical tools, and to help understand yourself at an even deeper and more magical sense. This is an extremely powerful essence in all it can do. DON'T ingest, keep away from children, some people maybe allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients, use at your own risk. Comes with information card.

Magical Uses:

  • A multi-purpose blend for all things related to magical workings
  • Bring the magic, wonder, and mysteries of Merlin's Alchemy
  • Wizard connection
  • Awaken the inner magick in yourself