Mini Psychic Abilities Poppet Set


Poppet magick goes back to ancient Egyptian magick for a variety of different purposes based on the intention of the poppet and magick being worked. The amazing triad of energy that we create can open, close, or move energy along the network that exists among all things. The creation of a poppet allows those to access that network. Gavenia has created these mini psychic abilities poppets with lots of intuition/psychic awakening intentions along with going through their own individual ceremony to birth them to life and provide those with psychic abilities. Each poppet is just a basic design to allow you more freedom to personalize and use the included ingredients in any way you'd like. 

Each poppet is 3 1/2" tall and has been hand stitched with intention, as well as decorated, and anointed with a few different intuition & third eye chakra oils, and includes a variety of ingredients that you are free to use any way you'd like. Their size makes them great to carry in your purse, pocket or put on an altar. If you've never used a poppet or voodoo doll before, these are great for beginners as they are already for you to use with intention and include them in your specific magical working to aid and empower it further. They are also gender neutral. We also have a variety of other ones available.


  • 1 Mini Psychic Abilities Poppet Anointed
  • 1 Googly Eye
  • 1 Glass Marble
  • 1 Lemurian Quartz Point
  • 1 Bag of Mixed Herbs for Intuition/Psychic Abilities (cats claw, mugwort, & flax seed)
  • 1 Vial of Purple Glitter (Psychic Dust)
  • White Paper Shredding's
  • 1 Plastic Blue Diamond
  • 1 Purple Bead
  • 1 Bag to Store Everything
  • 1 Info Card