Mini Traveling Altar


Don't have the space for a large altar, or are you a closet witch, or always traveling and on the go? Then this is the perfect mini altar to have. Includes 8 mini charms representing different things that you can use to set up a mini altar upon the black felt on top of the tin itself. So many different ways to use this traveling altar kit/set, such as using the charms on spell bottles, using them to create enchanted magical jewelry, spells, décor, and lots more. All 8 charms come in a mini sized accented tin, for easy storage. Comes with everything below at such a great price. 

Kit Contents: 

  • 1 Lime Green Accented Tin 
  • 1 Silver Goddess Charm
  • 1 Gold Horned God/Buck Charm
  • 1 Silver Besom/Broom Charm
  • 1 Gold Genie Lamp Charm
  • 1 Gold Antique Key Charm
  • 1 Rhinestone Accented Athame/Dagger Charm (Colors Vary)
  • 1 Silver Book/Knowledge/Wisdom Charm
  • 1 Silver Chalice/Cup Charm
  • 1 Mini Cut Black Felt Insert

These charms can represent various things, however, the Goddess (placed on the left), the Horned God (placed on the right), the Athame/Dagger is used to represent the union of the Goddess and the God in the Great Rite, the Chalice/Cup can be used to represent the element of Water/Goddess/Fertility/Abundance, the Besom/broom can be used to symbolize the consecrating of the magical space and astral projection, the Book/BOS can be used to represent knowledge & wisdom, the key can be used to represent the unlocking of the mysteries of magic or secrets being kept from us, and the genie lamp to represent not only what our company stands for but also for manifestation and wish magick. These are just some of the simple things each charm can be used to represent upon an altar.