Moldavite Chips with Selenite/Satin Spar Vial Necklace


These small 1" tall glass vials have authentic moldavite chips/flakes mixed with selenite/satin spar flakes in them and sealed with a cork and hung on a black cord or silver chain. For those wanting to experience this amazing stone at a great price but in a small quantity. You can feel these two powerful stones together by just simply holding the vial in your hand.

Selenite/satin spar is a stone that activates perception of the psychic world and when paired with Moldavite, can induce deep meditations and out-of-body travel. Moldavite is a forest green, olive green or blue greenish vitreous silica projectile rock formed by a meteorite impact probably in southern Germany that occurred about 15 million years ago. It is a type of tektite. When you meditate with Moldavite, you revitalize the mental receptors to heal your mind, body, and soul. The stone's released energy empowers your brain. Because it is called the transformation stone, Moldavite can eradicate bottled-up emotions, deep issues, and even past trauma.