3D Printed Moon Lamps


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Give any room in your house the glow of the moon with these beautiful lamps. They two different color options with just a touch of your hand a soft white color or you can have the soft yellow glow. The large lamp is about the size of a bowling ball around 18cm while the smaller lamp is a bit bigger than a softball around 12-15cm. Both lamps come with rechargeable cord and a wooden stand to place it anywhere in your home. It's made of PLA--polylactic acid is a new kind of biodegradable material, the use of renewable plant resources, such as corn starch material proposed by the non-toxic pollution-free, which feels like a type of plastic so if dropped its unlikely it would break or cause any damage. 

3D printing moon lamp is according to the panoramic view of the moon, go through the 3D software simulation technology into the uneven surface of the moon cover. Non toxic, pollution free material. Built-in lithium polymer battery, charging voltage 5V, 1A, can use the Android mobile phone charger or computer USB interface. Charging time is around 2-3 hours and working time is greater than 8 hours.