Mystic Aura Anne Stokes Spirit Board with Planchette


This 12" X 15 1/4" X 1/8" sublimation and printing on a board with the beautiful artwork of Anne Stokes of a fairy with great detail in the background of a ouija board design to guide you on questions you have or connect to those who have departed this world. The artwork of Anne Stokes brings this spirit board to life. A fairy poses upon it, hand outstretched as an orb floats above her palm. With an intense gaze, violet wings, and a purple rose, she makes for a captivating figure. The board features the alphabet, numbers, Yes, No, and Goodbye upon the front. The back has a magical poem inscribed. Accompanying the board is a matching planchette with butterfly design.Comes with a planchette that has the art of a beautiful butterfly on it. Includes Ouija board and planchette, packed in a colored collector's card box. We also include one of our own ouija board protection prayers as well as a basic ouija board safety card, however, we do also sell books to learn about safe and proper use of spirit boards. 

WARNING: Use with caution and discretion - the power of the spirit world is not something to take lightly.