Nightmares The Dark Side of Dreams & Dreaming By Stase Michaels


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This enchanting hardback eye catching covered book has 201 pages of mind opening information about nightmares. A fascinating look at the dark side of dreaming from a renowned expert. What causes our worst nightmares? Stase Michaels applies her signature out-of-the-box perspective on the dreams that shake us out of sleep and mirror our real-life worries, breaking down their symbolism, trajectory, and unspoken logic. She supplies the tools for nuanced readings of each nightmare, as well as fascinating thoughts on societal nightmares that occur in troubling times. She also offers strategies for shaking yourself free of recurring nightmares and preventing your daily anxieties from translating into invasive bad dreams.

Fear and anxiety can provoke mysterious, unconscious reactions, leading to terrifying nighttime visions that can unsettle us even after we wake. But what do our nightmares mean and why do we have them? Michaels encourages you to look at the dark side of dreaming in a new light-as messages that arrive with a helpful purpose. She applies her signature out of the box perspective on the symbolism, and logic behind nightmares.