Ocean Dreams Blue 5 Hoop Light-Up Dream Catcher


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This handmade ocean blue dream catcher is wrapped in velvet blue, white string design, teal, blue, & iridescent feathers and beads all around it, with 1 big hoop that is 6" wide and 4 other smaller hoops around it, the length from top of big hoop to the longest feather is 20" long, allowing for more bad dreams and negativity to be absorbed by the dream catcher at different angles. It is also been wrapped in blue lights to act as a night light. This beautiful design is to embrace the ocean, water element and help those of us who miss the ocean. 

Dream catchers are circles because the circle represents the circle of life and how forces like the sun and the moon travel each day & night across the sky. Hang or place dream catchers in your bedroom or loved ones bedrooms and the dream catcher web catches the bad dreams during the night along with other negativity and is great to also act as a spiritual protection tool. When nightmares or negativity return, be sure to cleanse your dream catcher and even smudge it with sage to enjoy it's benefits once again. Created by Gavenia's Higher Realms Alchemy.