4" Orange Selenite/Satin Spar Sticks


These natural orange selenite sticks come from Morroco and have many similar properties to white/regular selenite. They enhance creativity, calm the mind of stress and anger, removes electromagnetic stress from the environment, boosts self-esteem, stimulates the sacral chakra, helps connect you to the Divine energies, and lots more. These sticks are raw and are around 3-4inches tall with orange color to them. They are great to make into a healing wand, use for healings, magick, décor, to charge other crystals, and lots more. However, sizes and colors may vary.

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Wand making
  • Healing
  • Magickal crafts
  • Place near other crystals to help charge them with positive energies
  • Hold while meditating to help connect to Divine energies
  • Place in an area where you do creative things to help your creativity flow
  • Carry with you to help calm your mind and emotions