Our Dolphin Ancestors Book By Frank Joseph


Wild animals avoid contact with humans, but wild dolphins see us out to play and socialize, even going so far as to voluntarily rescue people from drowning. Revealing the evolutionary basis for our special relationship with dolphins Frank explains how we are both descendants of the same ancient branch of humanity. Building upon the aquatic ape theory, he details how we both began on land but due to devastating floods forced our distant ancestors into the seas, where humanity developed many of the traits that set us apart from other primates, such as our instinctive diving reflex and our newborns ability to swim. Integrating scientific research on dolphin intelligence, communication, and physiology with enduring myths from some of the world's oldest cultures, such as the Norse, Greeks, Celts and others. He provides evidence for dolphins different attitudes toward men, woman, and children, their natural affinity with cats and dogs and their telepathic communication with other species including ours. 

He explores dolphins' mysterious role in the birth of early civilization and their connections with the Dog Star, Sirius, and Atlantis and Lemuria--a bond still commemorated by annual gatherings of millions of dolphins. If we can learn to fully communicate with dolphins, we may learn the truth about humanity's origins and our shared future, when humankind may yet again quit the land for a final return to the sea. 

With 295 pages packed full of research and information in this paperback book, you are sure to learn a lot.