Phantom Quartz Polished


Phantom Quartz is a variety of quartz or "rock crystal", that forms over pre-existing crystals. Such crystals display the outlines of numerous smaller crystals, known as phantoms. It's said to create a bad cycle into a good cycle, helps improve luck, helps release phantoms of your past, helps you to harness the healing vibrations within the earth, giving you profound powers of insight and spiritual inspiration. They teach us about moving on in our lives past blockages. These have all been tumbled and polished, and range in size from a quarter or smaller and shapes & colors all vary. 

Basic Ways to Use: 

  • Hold while you think about a time from your past that may have stunted your growth whether physically or emotionally, now see yourself becoming stronger from that experience
  • Carry with you to bring good luck to you
  • Wear as jewelry to help move past blockages and for spiritual inspiration & growth