Merlinite/Psilomelane Polished


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Psilomelane also known as Merlinite, is an important ore of manganese and is made up of many different minerals. It currently only comes from one mine in New Mexico. Even more powerful when used or combined with a moldavite stone. A magical stone used by shamans, alchemists, witches, & other workers of magic. Attracts powerful magic and luck into your life, stimulates deep intuition, psychic abilities, helps access the natural energies, elemental beings communication, and it will aid you to access higher spiritual energy, and it's said to conjure the memories of alchemists and wizards such as Merlin from the Arthurian times. Also helps you to connect to your guides and teachers in the higher Divine realms. This is a stone of duality of black and white, light and dark, magic, good luck, and dark night of the soul. But it's not only a stone for the light, as it may allow you to experience 'dark night of the soul' aspects of your higher-self. These are all polished/tumbled and are around the size of a quarter, however designs & colors all vary. 

Basic Ways to Use: 

  • Hold while you meditate to connect to other realms
  • Use in magic spells, rituals etc.
  • Use to channel Merlin & other alchemists & wizards
  • Wear to stimulate your psychic abilities