Prehnite Green Polished


Prehnite is a translucent to transparent gem-quality hydrated calcium aluminum silicate, that was the very first gemstone named after an individual and it was the very first mineral to be described from South Africa. It helps you to connect to beings on higher spiritual planes, enhances spiritual growth, helps you to be prepared, enhances precognition, or prior knowledge of an event, and the gift of prophecy. Helps you to live life from a heart based perspective. It was known in the past as a stone of magic, because it strongly connects you to your higher Divine mind. Also used to connect with elemental beings such as the fairies, dragons, elves, gnomes, and Archangel Raphael, extra-terrestrial beings and beings in other dimensions. These stones are all polished/tumbled and vary in size, however most are around the size of a quarter. 

Basic Ways to Use: 

  • Use in meditation by holding it to help increase your psychic abilities
  • Hold while outside to connect to elemental beings
  • Use on crystal grids
  • Use in money or healing spells