Purity of Atlantis Magical Essence By Gavenia


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This amazingly powerful cleansing blend of fragrances with moon charged mineral water & specialty chosen crystals was created by Gavenia Divina, a natural born psychic who channels her guides and other higher realm beings to create amazing products to help people.

This is great to spray around the aura to help cleanse the spiritual gunk off you or others. Use this to cleanse items, crystals, ritual spaces, houses, people, and others. Bring the powerful crystal healing waters of Atlantis to help you with any type of spiritual cleansing. These come in different sized glass spray bottles & roller balls. NOT to ingest or use in diffusers. Keep them away from children and some people may have an allergic reaction if applied directly on skin.

Magical Uses:

  • Connect to the magick of Atlantis
  • Cleanse your area or ritual items before using
  • Crystal healing waters of Atlantis
  • Great for cleansing the Aura
  • Use for Reiki, healing, & more