Pyrite Point Wire Wrapped Necklace


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These approximately 1" pyrite point wire wrapped necklaces are great for helping to attract prosperity into ones life or help with grounding ones energies. Each pyrite point has been wire wrapped with silver wire and hangs upon a silver adjustable chain. Pyrite also known as fools gold is a symbol of prosperity and is used for protection, prosperity/wealth spells, and when worn this stone is said to protect the wearer from negative energies. Pyrite is a stone of the 2nd & 3rd Chakra's, as it enhances strength and will power. Used for channeling, psychic development, memory, and mental stability. 

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Hold while meditating
  • Wear as jewelry
  • Carry in purse/wallet to attract & increase prosperity/wealth/money
  • Place on 2nd or 3rd chakra to help with healing 
  • Use on a crystal grid
  • Use for manifestation spells to focus your intentions