Rattle Snake Key Chains


Due to the snake moving along the ground, many connect this creature to the Earth’s most primal energy and the force of creation itself. Additionally the Earth element aspect of snake reminds us to keep one foot on the ground even when exploring Spiritual pursuits. Snakes represented graceful travel over any terrain, transformative healing, and a deep connection to the underworld as well as the heavens. Snakes behavior helped teach the ancient Celts how to live in synch with nature and, in particular, the seasons.

Because a snake’s eyes “glaze over” as they shed their skin, the Snake has become a symbol of altered states and it is believed that while in that state Snakes are tapping into all the knowledge there ever has been or will ever be. In some cultures, the rattle of a snake is considered a very powerful amulet used to increase wisdom and sexual powers. Wear the rattle as a necklace or carry it in your pocket as a talisman. They can also be used in healings, cleansing your space, and lots of other things. These are made from real rattlesnakes that came from all ready dead snakes. 

The rattler has a reputation for bravery because it warns its victim before it strikes. The famous Revolutionary War flag depicting the rattlesnake and the slogan "Don't Tread On Me" probably expresses the sort of bravado that led 19th century men to use rattlesnake rattles (or gold facsimiles of them) as lucky watch fobs. It may also be as an emblem of bravery -- or as a remnant of African snake-worship -- that rattlesnake rattles are placed in hoodoo style conjure bags designed to produce gambling luck, especially by poker players, for whom a bluff or show of strength is part of the game.

Each one is 6" long 

Price is for 1