Amethyst Points (Mountain Teeth)


These beautiful points & chunks of amethyst like teeth of the mountain are great for healing, crystal grids, meditation, or many other spiritual uses. Each is unique in color and size, most are around 1"- 2 3/4". Each one has it's own flaws and may not be an exact point. Also a great size to carry with you. Amethyst properties include: healing, cleansing, protection, wisdom, spirituality, psychic, intuition, sobriety, dreams, purification, and lots more. The point facing away from you will push away negativity and things you don't want, while the point facing toward you will direct it's energies inward drawing things to you that you do want. Do NOT place in the sun as it will bleach the amethyst.

Basic Way's to Use: 

  • Crystal Grid
  • Place in bath
  • Carry with you
  • Hold while you meditate 
  • Put under pillow to enhance dreams
  • Put on a wand or staff
  • Jewelry wrap cord or wire
  • Many Other uses including just for décor