Black Obsidian Raw Chunks


These raw all natural black obsidian chunks may have sharp edges, and be of different sizes & come with all their natural flaws, but are so powerful for protection. Obsidian shines a light on the negative and clears it away to help us to choose the path leading towards light and love. Obsidian forms when volcanic lava is submerged into water, its a type of natural glass. Used for spiritual communication, aura cleansing, protection, cutting negative attachments, past life healing, healing your ancestral line, grounding, third eye vibration & more. The large size is around the size of a tennis ball, the medium is the size of a golf ball, the small is the size of a quarter. However, with rough pointed edges and being of all different shapes and sizes, this is just an estimate. 

Basic Ways to Use: 

  • Healing circles
  • Carry for protection
  • Place in a garden or around the outside of your house for protection
  • Carvings
  • Jewelry making
  • Place in a home for spiritual & physical protection
  • Place near bedside to ward off nightmares & protect you in dream state