Blue Calcite Raw


We offer 2 different sizes that have been cleansed, charged with love, reiki and the energy & power of the lunar Eclipse, Snow Moon, & Comet from February 10th-11th 2017 and many other moons. These are around the size of a quarter or smaller and are raw which means they may have rough edges, however, sizes, colors, and shapes all vary. This stone is said to help ease joint pain and unlocks the hidden reason for discomfort, calming/meditation, great for students, communication, clarity, motivation, trust and faith, along with astral travel. Blue calcite is believed to be a powerful stone of protection and grounding that can help empower your energy within your spells and rituals. Within healing practice, it is said to help with memory, balance, and stability. It can also be used to help encourage ambition and ease nerves, making it perfect to help you prepare for job searches and interviews. 

  • Basic Ways to Use:

    • Place in bath
    • Hold while meditating
    • place next to you when trying to astral travel.
    • keep with you while taking an exam.