Brazilian Orange Calcite Raw


Orange calcite is great for those who suffer from depression and phobias. It's properties include: energizing, brings motivation to divine ideas, positive energy, sexual energy, sacral chakra, overcoming fear, joy, and playfulness. These are all raw, natural untumbled stones that range in size from a dime to a quarter, and all are different shapes and color hues. This stone is used for creativity, helps to embrace your own abilities, helps relieve emotional fear and phobias, balances emotional states, and enhances sexuality. This stone comes in 3 sizes small, xs, and medium. Small is the size of a nickel, medium is the size of a quarter, and xs is the size of a pebble or smaller. However, stone colors, shapes, sizes and weights will all vary.

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Carry with you to help cheer you up and get over your phobias & fears
  • Place in the bath to enhance sexual energy and healing
  • Place in your home where you need more positive joyful energy