Clear Quartz (Raw)


Clear quartz is called the "master healer" & multipurpose stone that's great for beginners. Connects you with the higher divine, and is great to use in meditation, intuition development, and lots more. These are from Brazil and are about the size of a quarter or smaller and have been cleansed and charged with love, reiki, and the energy & power of the Lunar Eclipse, Snow Moon, & Comet.This stone draws blessings in your life, enhances your spirituality, and harmonizes energy. These stones are raw and may have rough edges. Sizes and shapes vary. This stone comes in 3 sizes medium, small and xs. Medium is the size of a quarter, small is the size of a nickel, and xs is the size of a dime or smaller. However, stone colors, shapes, sizes and weights will all vary.

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Hold during meditation
  • Place in a bath to amplify your energy and help you connect to your higher-self
  • Place above your head to raise your conciousness
  • Carry with you to increase energy levels
  • Use to create jewelry