Rose Quartz Raw


Rose Quartz has been used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries, it's known as the Greek Goddess Aphrodite & Venus stone. It also has a lot of the same properties as clear quartz, however, pink rose quartz has a more gentle/soft energy to them. They are great to help those who have suffered loss, grief, depression, trauma, and other similar things as they help you to feel a sense of love and comfort. Also great for love spells, attracting love to you, or promoting self love. These stones are all raw and natural so sizes, shapes and colors will all vary. Some may have rough or sharp edges. We have all different sizes available.

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Place in a bath to help you feel more comfort and love around you
  • Carry in a purse to help you attract a new love into your life
  • Wear as jewelry to promote more self-love
  • Use in healings
  • Use in love spells/rituals