Selenite/Satin Spar Sticks Raw (Variety of Sizes)


We have a variety of sizes of these raw selenite/satin spar sticks. Their thickness may vary per each stick. Selenite is said to bring mental clarity, truth, and honesty. This stone is associated with the moon, angels, and spirit guides. Removes energy blocks from people as well as from other crystals and stones. You can use them to cleanse and charge other stones, use them to enhance your psychic awareness & intuition, past life work and healing with them, use them on energy crystal grids, or during a healing session. Great for meditation work as well. It's also great to dispel negativity and provide protection of the angels. So many great uses for this stone. Please be cautious of satin spar in raw form as it can cause splinters or shed flakes of it over time or when moving it, but these are great to use in crafts or sprinkle outside in a garden for the fairies. 

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Hold or place near you during meditation or spiritual work
  • Use to charge other stones by placing them upon it or near it
  • Place around your home to welcome positive Divine energies
  • Use for magical crafts