Roots of Knowledge Magical Essence By Gavenia


This essence has been made by Gavenia's Higher Realms Alchemy and is very powerful. Enter the forest of knowledge and wisdom with this amazing magickal essence that takes you on a journey to master ancient wisdom. An inspired blend for the creation of our online metaphysical school called Roots of Knowledge Academy. Such an amazing and inspiring blend. 

Enhanced with river water, magic oil, wizard oil, Greenman oil, God Pan oil, Rue water, full moon water, red agate, citrine, amethyst, and more. Not for ingesting or for people who are sensitive to fragrances. Keep away from children, use at your own risk. Comes with an information card and is in glass spray bottles or roller-balls different sizes and prices. Bottle styles and colors all vary. 

Magical Uses:

  • Connect with nature and the inner shaman in yourself
  • Connect with animals 
  • Connect with the Greenman
  • Access ancient knowledge & wisdom
  • Learn and grow with a together as one
  • Have a solid and strong foundation for spiritual growth
  • Grounding & shows clarity on your path