Rose Water Spray


These have been handmade by Gavenia's Higher Realms Alchemy with fresh red rose petals, rose fragrance, fresh snow water and rose quartz chips in a beautiful purple/red glass spray bottle in a variety of sizes. Each bottle purchase comes with an information card.

Gavenia cleansed and charged the rose water in her crown chakra crystal singing bowl, during a sacred Goddess ceremony while also infusing each bottle with Reiki healing energy and charged under the Strawberry Full Moon 2020.  Rose water is great to cleanse and purify rooms for sacred spiritual work, enhance love spells, wear similar to perfume, and lots more. You can feel the immense amount of beauty and Goddess energy from each bottle just as you hold it. Enhanced with fresh red rose petals, full moon water, and more.

Magical Uses: 

  • Spray to welcome Goddess energy 
  • Spray before ritual or magical work
  • Spray to freshen the air or as a magical perfume