Ruby Zoisite 8mm Round Bead Bracelet


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This 8mm round bead bracelet comes on an elastic cord so it will stretch to fit most wrist sizes. Ruby Zoisite is great for strength, energy, stimulates psychic abilities, activates the heart chakra, draws abundance, & helps you to relax and let go. This stone is a combination of fiery ruby and earthy zoisite. This stone contains small ruby crystals that have become embedded in zoisite. It's a strong marriage stone considered to be one of passion and patience. It helps you to be & see your individuality while also still being part of the world around you. Great in boosting ones motivation and self-confidence, provides understanding of oneself and others, & awakens & strengthens your psychic abilities. Each bracelet has around 22-24 8mm round beads of this particular stone upon it and each one has been polished and tumbled. Wear on a regular basis to help you benefit from this amazing stone and don't forget to cleanse and charge it regularly.