Sacred Geometry Magical Essence By Gavenia


Created by Gavenia with the help of her guides. Sacred Geometry has a lot of benefits throughout the physical & spiritual realms. Understanding the power and complexity will help you achieve greatness. Known for its extraordinary healing benefits through the use of crystal grids, and many other things, with this powerful healing essence, you too can feel it's healing power.

Enhanced with pyramid water from Egypt, crystals, crystal grid energies, and a mix of powerful fragrances. Great to use in healing sessions, apply on yourself when you're not feeling well, spray in healing rooms, and many similar things. DON'T ingest, keep away from children, some people may be allergic or sensitive to ingredients, use at your own risk. Comes with information card.

Magical Uses:

  • Healing, sacred geometry, and magical alchemy work
  • Spray or use when doing Reiki, or other form of energy healing
  • Connect to higher realm angels and beings for healing
  • Healing spells/rituals