Himalayan Salt Lamp 6"

$15.55 $25.25

Colored with natural minerals, such as iron, they are said to be wonderful examples of the natural wonders that can be found within the earth. Each lamp is created with a large piece of Himalayan rock salt that has its core hollowed out and has been fastened to a sturdy wooden base. This allows for the small light that comes with it to be placed within the rock salt giving off a warm pink/orange dim glow, creating a soothing atmosphere wherever it's placed. It is believed that as they heat up, they create healing ions which are believed to help balance your electromagnetic field, purify the air, and overall create a sense of peace and serenity. Each lamp stands around 6 1/2" high and around 4" in diameter, and weighs around 5.2 pounds, but because they are in raw form, they will each vary. Each one is different and comes with a light bulb and a UL approved cord that can be plugged into any standard U.S socket. Great to have in every room of your house to really benefit from their properties.