Scrying For Beginners by Donald Tyson


Imagine glimpsing our world as it will be one hundred years from now, strolling through ancient Egypt, finding lost objects or hidden treasure, and even talking to your guardian angel. You can do all of these incredible things and more through scrying--a way to use your subconscious mind to access knowledge that's normally beyond your conscious reach.

This paperback 286 pages scrying for beginners book is for anyone who longs to sit down before the mirror or crystal and lift the rolling grey clouds that obscure their depths. Scrying is a psychological technique to deliberately acquire information by extrasensory means through the unconscious mind. For the first time, all forms of scrying are treated in one easy-to-read, practical book. 

Discover the little known scrying techniques of Nostradamus & Dr. John Dee, try easy visualization activities, and expand your innate psychic abilities with this easy to read and use book. Scrying, also referred to as "seeing" or "peeping," is a practice rooted in divination and fortune-telling. It involves gazing into a medium, to receive significant messages or visions that could offer personal guidance, prophecy, revelation, or inspiration.