5-6" Selenite/Satin Spar Wand Polished


Selenite is a very high vibration energy stone that is used as a multipurpose stone to aid with healing, balancing, and charging. These polished selenite wands can be used for massage, Reiki healing, crystal healing, to direct energies, and can be used to contact spirits, angels, & other such entities. Each of these are around 5-6" long, and are smooth, with a rounded polished bottom and a somewhat sharp polished point at the top. However, sizes & thickness around may vary. 

Please note that selenite is a very fragile stone that needs to be cared for properly to insure no damage comes to the stone. It can be scratched with the lightest of fingernails. When moving or traveling with selenite, be sure to wrap them in a safe cloth or bubble wrap and insure a safe place for them as they can be crushed or even become broken. NEVER get selenite wet as it will ruin it. 

Basic Ways to Use:

  • Use as a Reiki healing wand
  • Use to physically massage the body by rolling it and using both ends
  • Use as a communication tool by holding it while you meditate or call upon the Angels, or other spirits
  • Use as a regular spiritual wand to call the quarters or draw the magical circle