Sephoroton Chakra Gemstone Pendulums

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These beautifully designed and handcrafted Sephoroton globe/ball style with point pendulums are made from real crystals.  Each pendulum is smoothed and made into a round ball/globe type of shape and are around 1-1 1/2 inches long. Attached is a silver chain with stone beads to represent each of the 7 main chakra's within the body.around 7-9 inches long with an attached clear quartz ball charm at the top to hold while you use the pendulum. The total length of the pendulum with chain is around 10-10 1/2 inches long. Also has a jewelry hook attached to pendulum so you can wear it as a pendulum bracelet, interchange pendulums on the chain, or just detach the pendulum and wear the beautiful chakra bead bracelet. A lot of options with these ones just like the necklaces. 

Pendulum divination has been used by many people years ago to help find water, lost objects, gold/minerals, and more. Remember to always cleanse, charge, and purpose your pendulum. Great for beginners and advanced.