Septarian Egg Geode


These egg like geodes are polished on one side and raw on the other with exposed sparkling crystals. Most are around palm sized. They are also known as Dragon stones and are made from volcanic eruptions that mixed dead sea life with sea sediment, forming mud balls. With amazing patterns and detail, these stones have not been polished and hold more of their natural form. Great stone for guidance, connecting with the dragons, root chakra healing, connect & communicate with mother earth, public speaking skills, confidence, & lots more. Each of these stones vary in color, shape, and size. One is chosen at random when purchased online. 

Basic Way's To Use: 

  • Hold in hands to help you ground
  • Place in home or on an altar as decor
  • Hold, carry, or place near you while public speaking
  • Use for magical crafts
  • Place on written desires or wishes
  • Use on Crystal Grid
  • Place on root chakra