Shadow's Gate Magical Essence By Gavenia


This powerful channeled essence was made by Gavenia with the help of her guides. It helps insure complete spiritual & physical protection when worn or sprayed in the area of magical workings. Great to use to protect & cleanse your home, car, yourself, and items.

Enhanced with sustainable dried California white sage, dragons blood oil, Florida water, hyssop, Palo Santo, black salt, holy water, crystal full moon water, crystals, and a mix of other fragrances. DON'T ingest and not recommended for people who may be sensitive to fragrances, keep away from children, and use at your own risk. Comes with information card. Use to help purify, cleanse and protect yourself from spiritual harm. Use before and after doing magical or spiritual workings. 

Magickal Uses:

  • Protection from spiritual harm, spray/wear before and after magical or spiritual workings
  • Use to cleanse, purify, and protect an area
  • Use to cleanse and protect items