Shiva Lingam 3-5" Stone


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These unique 3-5" long Shiva Lingam stones are great for a variety of things. Shiva Lingam is a tough crypto-crystalline Quartz with impurities that give it a very unique appearance. These vary from our other ones as being smaller around and have a lighter weight than the other ones we offer. This stone has iron oxide deposits within it, said to come from a meteor that crashed into the river millions of years ago. It contains a mixture of Agate, Basalt, and Jasper. No two Shiva Lingam stones are alike, each one is unique. The most defining characteristic of Shiva Lingam is its smooth egg shape which is formed from natural tumbling within the Narmada River, where it is gathered and hand polished by villagers. The Narmada River is one of the seven holy sites of India, and one of the five holy rivers, located in Onkar Mandhata (in western India). 

Shiva Lingams represent the beginning of all creation and are physical manifestations of divine male and female energies. They embody the masculine energies through their solid oval shapes and the feminine through their many unique patterns. It is through this formation that they are able to link to the force of creation, just as humans can physically birth new life through connection of the male and female bodies. Shiva Lingam aids in understanding polaric energies such as male/female, light/dark, and spiritual/physical so that one may see the one unifying force of God that exists behind them. The deep connection that Shiva Lingams have to creation give them a powerful resonation with all elements. It contains immense fire energy within it which can be felt as it energizes the entire body and auric field. The fire energy in this stone is so intense that it can immediately activate Kundalini energy and ignite the soul. When meditating with Shiva Lingam one can feel this intense energy moving from the base of the spine all the way to the top, moving the sacred energy within through the chakra column and activating every chakra along the way. This also provides an incredible boost to vitality and prana.

Ways to Use:

  • Hold during meditation
  • Use to connect & balance your energies
  • Use for spiritual energy healing
  • Set upon an altar to represent the elements & creation