Small Crystal Forest Tree (Resin)


These 2 1/2" small faceted forest crystal trees are handmade and designed by our young coven member, Atrayus Earthly Creations with loving energies. Bring the tree spirit energies & the mountains in your home no matter where you live with these great altar or home decor pieces. Each one has great detail and is unique based on the crystals used and their own natural design & coloration. Trees and forests in general, have played an important role as symbols of strength, kinship, growth and wisdom. Each tree also holds the energy and benefits of that particular crystal and comes with a crystal information card. 

The ancient Egyptians buried an image of the god Osiris in the hollowed-out center of a pine tree. As a symbol of royalty the pine was associated with the Greek goddess Pitthea. Pine was also a fertility symbol and was linked to the Dionysus/Bacchus mythology surrounding the vine and wine making.