Soul of Lemuria Magical Essence By Gavenia


This powerful connection blend was made by Gavenia with the help of her guides who channel what they want in each of her magical sprays. A lot of souls who are attracted to the water for spiritual work, healing, or magical reasons, are those who came from Atlantis and/or Lemuria, continents that were said to be that of fantasy, however, in spiritual and metaphysical beliefs we believe they really did exist and sometimes those of us that lived there in a past life, long for the water or a life near water. This magical blend perfume can help those reconnect to themselves as they were on these lost continents in the past. Understanding a part of yourself in which you didn't think possible. A great addition for past lives, reconnecting, and water magick. 

Enhanced with holy water, pyramid water from Egypt, full moon water, vision oil, selenite, charged rain water, salt water, crystals such as amethyst, lemurian quartz, lapis, and aventurine, & more. Don't Ingest or use in a diffuser, keep away from children, some people may be sensitive or allergic to ingredients, use at your own risk. Comes with information card.

Magical Uses:

  • Spray or wear when doing any form of past life regression, soul retrieval, etc.
  • Wear or spray before meditating
  • Wear or spray to connect with a part of you that you thought you lost
  • Wear or spray for water and crystal healing
  • Wear or spray when needing encouragement
  • Wear or spray to connect to the higher Divine Realms
  • Bring out your inner beauty & love, let your light shine bright
  • Wear when doing any form of healing, spiritual, or water magick