Spiritual Cleansing Kit


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Spiritual protection and cleansing is a very important step when it comes to doing any type of spiritual or magical work. Whether you are wanting to cleanse your home, office, car, your magical space, or even yourself, it's a great idea to do it on a regular basis. We offer two different sized kits based on your individual needs. If you are needing to cleanse a lot on a regular basis in a larger area, then you will most likely need the larger kit, or if you have a smaller space and are just wanting to use it for your car or yourself, then the smaller kit may be best. Each kit comes with a variety of items for cleansing, protecting, purifying and blessing yourself and your environment. 

Large Kit Includes: 8"X11" Parchment Smudging Prayer Poster, 1 mini Red Abalone Shell, 1 Small Bag of Purification Herb Mix, 3 4-5inch White Sage Wrapped Smudge Sticks from California and New Mexico, 4 10inch Nag Champa Incense Sticks, 4 Red Tipped Braided Rope Love Incense, 4 Braided Rope Healing Incense, 1 Small Bag of Ground Sage, 1 Small Bag Salt, 2 4inch Palo Santo Sticks, 1 Raw 4inch Selenite Crystal Stick, 1 Box of 10 either Dragons Blood or White Sage Cone Incense, 1 7inch Turkey Feather, 1 7-8inch Large Smudge Stick with Mt. Sage, White Sage, Rosemary, & Sweet Grass, 1 Polished Tigers Eye Crystal, 1 Polished Bloodstone Crystal, 1 Polished Black Onyx Crystal, 1 Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal, and information sheet, box to store it in, and stone information cards.

Small Kit Includes: 1 4inch Palo Santo Stick, 1 Box of 10 White Sage Cone Incense, 2 4inch white Sage Smudge Sticks, 4 Braided Rope Healing Incense, 4 Braided Rope Red Tipped Rose/Love Incense, 1 Bag Salt, 1 Mini Red Abalone Shell, 1 Bag Purification Herb Mix, 1 Raw 4inch Selenite Crystal Stick, 1 7inch Turkey Feather, Crystal Stone Card, a box to store everything in, and an information sheet about cleansing.