Spiritual Cleansings & Psychic Defenses By Robert Laremy


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Psychic attacks are real & they can happen to anyone at anytime and they can be very devastating to the victim. You don't need supernatural abilities or powers to do any of these techniques. All of the procedures described in this book are safe and effective just follow the instructions without the slightest deviation. Learn how to protect yourself from psychic or spiritual attacks and get a deeper understanding on how to avoid them by putting up protection around yourself and your home. A basic guide for those wanting to learn more about spiritual cleansings and protection. 

This 107 page paperback book is great for anyone wanting more ways to spiritually protect themselves from a variety of spiritual attacks. 

Some of the chapters and topics discussed in this book are:

  • Psychic self defense
  • Defense against the evil eye
  • Defense against a psychic attack
  • Protecting yourself from an energy vampire
  • Negative spaces and haunted places
  • Protection with saints
  • Magical rituals and ingredients for your protection
  • Florida water, holy water, sage, incense, prayers & lots more