Create Your Own Crystal Charm Necklace


Are you wanting to choose your own crystal & create your very own necklace or a rear view mirror car hanger to provide safety while driving, or other form of spiritual charm or amulet? Or maybe you already have a crystal and are just needing the cage and cord for it. Then this is a great option for you as we call this the create your own crystal cage necklace.

These cages have many different uses, and can sometimes even hold other small charms or spell bottles, and are great to put a raw or tumbled crystal within the cage to hang somewhere or wear as a necklace. Each spiral/coil cage is imitation gold, copper, or silver plated and come in 3 different sizes. The coil stretches open to insert the item through one of the coils to place within where it won't fall out, as long as you purchase the appropriate sized cage for your crystal, charm, or other item you are inserting, as smaller ones may fall through the coils. We have a variety of different colored cords you can choose from to go with your cage, and they all come longer than needed to insure the proper fitting and measurement for you to cut or adjust as needed. 

Price is only for cage and cord, (stone, charms, or other things are not included with this purchase, however, we have crystals both raw and polished, as well as spell bottles on our website for you to choose from if you are wanting something to add to it). If you purchase this item with a particular crystal raw or tumbled, or a spell bottle, you may put in the notes at time of checkout, that you would like to have that item or stone already inserted into the cage itself, otherwise, it may all come separate for you to create yourself. Cage sizes may vary as they can stretch and expand very well depending on what's within the cage itself. Measurements are below.

At checkout in the notes section please specify what color of cord you are wanting from the list below, or email us after you place your order with the color you're wanting so we can insure you receive that color, otherwise we will include a basic silver or black cord. Cord material & thickness all varies as some is of soft satin, while others are of waxed cotton.


Large- 1" x 7/8"

Medium- 3/4" or a little bigger

Small-  1/2" or a little bigger


Copper Plaited Coil (imitation)

Silver Plaited Coil (imitation)

Gold Plaited Coil (imitation)

Cord Colors:

Royal Blue